Our Approach

Keywell Metals LLC processes and sells secondary titanium, high temperature alloys, and stainless steel scrap metal for remelting. The Company also handles other aerospace metals and specialty steels, including: commercially pure titanium and titanium alloys; cobalt and cobalt alloys; nickel and nickel alloys; nickel copper alloys; high speed steel; tungsten carbide; chromium; and molybdenum.

Utilizing its strong quality management system, the Company delivers specialized, furnace-ready recycled product solutions to its customers. Through critical training and production management efforts, Keywell Metals is the supplier of choice for discriminating aerospace and specialty steel producers.

Keywell Metals realizes the importance of providing excellent service to its suppliers. As a result, the Company is highly focused on achieving the fastest and most accurate service in the industry so that suppliers can settle with their scrap generators with confidence and consistency.

Put Keywell Metals to the test – we will do our best to provide you with a great experience.