Overview - Purchasing Your Scrap

Keywell Metals employs the best and brightest purchasing team to serve the generators and suppliers of recyclable Aerospace Metals and Specialty Steels. We can provide: market and materials reclamation analysis; transportation solutions via truck, container or private railcar fleet; equipment for material handling; and up-to-date product pricing. Our focus is on providing suppliers with a consistent, accurate experience in handling every load, with settlements delivered faster than anyone else in the industry. This approach allows Keywell Metals' suppliers to deal with their scrap generators with confidence and pride.

Overview - Supplying Aerospace and Special Steel Solutions to Customers

Keywell Metals has considerable investments in processing equipment, state-of-the-art laboratories and highly trained production personnel. These investments enable the Company to provide the highest quality products to domestic and international consumers of Aerospace Metals and Specialty Steels. Keywell Metals can provide certified Aerospace Grades, Stainless Steel solids and turnings blends and additive charges for any segment of the Aerospace Metals and Specialty Steel industries. To ensure all materials meet customer expectations, we use a stringent quality management system, and each product is tested by metallurgical engineers and highly-trained analytical sorters and shipped according to exact customer specifications. Through strict adherence to our quality standards, Keywell Metals is one of the few approved suppliers of secondary Titanium and High Temperature Alloys to all major Aerospace producers throughout the world.

In addition, Keywell Metals designs and implements toll processing programs that certify material chemistry, physical form, and provide just-in-time (JIT) inventory services for remelting in customer furnaces.

Product Categories Purchased and Supplied